Looking for a gift that just keeps on giving? Let me introduce you to ContractorEasy’s Top 4 gifts!

For the Ladies:

  1. Luxury Spa Style Bathroom Make-over: Transform your bathroom into a ultimate relaxation space that you can enjoy for a lifetime. From extra-deep soaking tubs, flawless tiles, new luxury vanity fixtures and a waterfall shower head; no one is going to regret this remodeling expenditure.
  2. Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Her kitchen the way she wants it! Let her have some creative freedom to redesign those kitchen cabinets to work just the way she needs them to.


For the Men:

  1. Man Cave: Prepare to blow his mind with a custom designed space to let him chill out and unwind.  A basement transformation or a garage remodel: The possibilities are endless with what you can do in a room to make it feel manly and a fun place to hang out.
  2. Customized Hobby Storage: Get that cabinet or display case custom made for his own personal stuff. Whatever his collectables are: movies, model cars, guns, sports fan collectibles: Help him show it off with some custom made cabinets and make him proud!


Our advice: Get multiple quotes from reputable local contractors and set your budget to fit what works best for your Valentine remodeling plans!

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Photo Credits: House Beautiful and WorthPoint