Dreaming of a new pool in the backyard? When you are ready to take the next step closer to your new swimming pool; keep in mind the 8 steps that will help influence the right decisions and bring success to a complex home improvement project.

  1. Budget: Keep a ballpark range in mind for the fully completed project. Plus keep an estimated amount that you are happy to pay for maintenance and up-keep. The bigger the pool, the higher the costs, so plan according to what you need and your budget.
  2. Quotes: Get multiple quotes from multiple sources! Choose a pool builder with a good reputation, star ratings, references, real work experience and an up-to-date insurance and license.
  3. Designs: When getting your quotes, talk to pool designers and find out which pre-made pool designs will work best for your space. You can also design a custom made pool which will be more expensive however it may work better for any unique landscaping shape that your property is on. Also talk with your pool salesmen about what type of filtration and cleaning system options are available.
  4. Safety:  Water safety laws will differ from State to State. With many swimming pool safety options available, it is important to save a portion of your budget to allow for the best safety that accommodates your household needs. You can talk to the pool builder and get some ideas on what will work best for your home.
  5. Permits: Before you begin make sure all necessary city permits and/or permission from your Home Owners Association is signed off on. (Ask your chosen pool builder to help you navigate this process.)
  6. Contracts: If you are signing a contractual agreement with a pool builder; read the fine print carefully and make sure you are protected if something goes wrong. Confirm that you will not be held liable for any accidental damages caused to a neighborhood property by their crew and all clean up will be 100% completed by the builder at the end of the project.
  7. Finances: Do not agree to financing your pool with an un-known financial institute that is pushed on you by any contractor or building firm. Do your own research and find the best financing options on your own terms.
  8. Protect yourself: Keep good records of all communication going back and forth between you and your contractor. Take pictures of progress and keep in touch with their office to make sure everything is going successfully. If any changes are made to the plans, request documentation of any changes made that will cost more or less than the agreed amount.

We want you to have the best experience with building a new swimming pool and wish you many fun filled family moments of wonder and joy.

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