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5 Tips: Before you Spend Big on Landscaping

5 Tips Before you spend big on landscaping
Landscaping Tips

First impressions are lasting and a great curb appeal will add the ‘wow’ factor to your property. Beautiful landscaping is a good place to start when your ready to invest and create that ‘wow’ factor! 

Here are our favorite Top 5 Tips to help you get started on the journey to a beautiful landscaped home.

  1. Don’t Rush: Take your time and plan out exactly what you want. Feeling pressured or pushed into a project will only hinder you from creating your perfect plan, budget and time frame.
  2. Know your soil: Have your landscaper evaluate your soil and apply any treatments that will boost the growth and vitality in your new plants.
  3. Be Tree Wise: Think ahead: What does each tree look like in every season? How will that effect what is growing under each tree? These answers will help you prepare the best plant choices, placement and estimation of their up-keep for each season.
  4. Prepare for Pests: With new plants, come new critters hungry to try a bite of all your hard work. Avoid using Neonicotinoids or harsh herbicides because they have been linked to killing butterflies and bees. There are many alternative herbicides that are safer for your health and your gardens. If you have rabbits or deer in your area, find plants that will dither them and plant those strategically to prevent a future problem.
  5. Be Water Smart: Water conservation is vital and an emerging responsibility of every homeowner. Make sure your sprinkler system is in good running order and an added bonus would be to install a smart sprinkler controller that has the ability to react to real-time weather data and adapt to a watering schedule that will save you water and money.

BONUS: Post comments on your favorite landscaping advice and let’s grow the list with more Tips! I’ll choose “My favorite Tip” from your comments and add it to the blog and graphic!

Happy Landscaping!

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Top 3 – No Regret Remodeling Projects

No Regrets
Top 3 Remodeling Upgrades

When you invest big time on your home, the last thing you want are regrets leading to wasted resources and the loss of your precious time. Adding value to your home is not just an easy 3 step process: It will involve those last three things I mentioned…resources, time and stress!

My advice is keep it simple and timeless so when the day comes to reap the rewards of getting a higher price offer on your home  – you come out the big winner at selling time.

  1. Kitchen – you can go hard-core and totally redesign and re-invent your kitchen if you have the budget, or, take the road most traveled and update countertops, cabinets and fixtures for a fabulous makeover you will really enjoy.
  2. Flooring – There is nothing more valuable than having flooring that is easy to keep clean and timeless. If you have pets, kids or respiratory health issues – make those a deciding factor when you choose what flooring is right for your family.
  3. Bathrooms – If your going to do it, do it right! There is nothing worse that a half-hearted DIY bathroom makeover that looks good on Pintrest but not in real life! Get certified plumbers with warrenties on their work and choose good quality fixtures.

There are many other additions and remodels that can add value to your home but I’ve focused on the three timeless classic remodels that you wont regret and can also enjoy for a lifetime.


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