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Five Steps to Sell your Home With Ease

Five steps to keep you on track to sell you home with ease


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1Prep: paper work

You will need the property deed (or certified copies), bank loan documents, legal documents, sales contract, outstanding liens, renovation receipts, proof of taxes, insurance policy, status of home bills, property condition discloser, financial discloser and don’t worry if you have lost some documents; you can get certified copies from the local count records office.

2A savvy Agent

Get an experienced Real Estate agent with a solid up-to-date marketing plan and knows how to price your home correctly. It is often advised to not use family members or close friends. The process of selling a home can get emotional so you do not want to loose friendships or harbor ill will towards a family member if things do not go as you expected during the sales process.

3Show off your appealing home

Time to deep clean, freshen up the look, beautify the landscaping, paint if needed, repair if necessary and hire a home stager if the budget allows. (Try our complimentary Free Quotesno purchase neccessary.)

4Welcome feedback and be flexible

Fit in as many showings and open homes as possible. Adjust your family schedule so you can give full home access to your agent as often as possible. If it is taking too long to sell; you may need to lower your expectations and make necessary changes to meet the current market trends.

5 stepsPrepare for transition

For a smooth transition between selling and purchasing your new home it pays to prepare. Resource storage options for your belongings and temporary accommodation for a possible interim period.

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2 Essential Brain Hacks for: Buying your Home Sweet Home

Buying your first home?  I have learned from experience 2 essential skills that empower first time home buyers – Analytical and Creative Thinking.  To supplement the process with expert advice I recommend – First Time Home Buyer’s Guide To Buying A House by Ryan Fitzgerald.

Hack 1:   Analytical Thinking

“Empowers your brain to solve problems quickly and effectively!”

Analytical thinking and problem solving skills will reduce stress and home buyers remorse! Significant financial decisions begin at the negotiation stage in any real-estate transaction. Your state of mind, attitude and thinking needs to work in a  step-by-step process – methodically executing each task in manageable chunks.

Be Aware: You will be facing difficult decisions under pressure, be aware, your emotions can be in overwhelming!  To think clearly you need to balance your over-powering emotions with what are the best long term choices for your family.

Hack 2:  Creative Thinking

“Fosters breakthrough discoveries that are unique and surprisingly useful to your  circumstances!”

I believe our gut feelings and passions come into play when we tap into our creativity! When making those big decisions in life don’t forget that your feelings and emotions play a major role when house hunting. Creative thinking gives you an “out-of-the-box” approach and really helps during those times when tough decisions have to be made.

Bonus: Your desires for your new home can be fulfilled as you harness your emotions.  This could include making compromises, alternative negotiations, expanding or narrowing your budget expectations and limitations. Be positive and embrace the whole experience as an amazing journey to affirm your family values and enjoyment.

We would love to hear from you about your successful coping strategies when buying your home!


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Homeowners: 3 Surprising Cool Ways you can increase your Home’s Value Now!

Home Upgrades
Home upgrades you need now

As a homeowner of over 10 years I came to a point in my life where I wanted to seriously think about improving and upgrading my home to increase it’s market value. Some homeowners take big steps and do traditional extensive and expensive home improvement projects; some of us, smaller upgrades and changes. My goal is to take the middle ground with the same thing in mind: Make my home a more valuable asset!

My passion as a blogger & social manager for ContractorEasy is to explore top trends and smart ideas for myself and fellow homeowner that will add value within an affordable budget reflecting our love for our homes and functionality.

Today I spotted some great up-to-date ideas and trends you might not have thought of! On HGTV an article by Chelsey Bowen called 20 Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas has ingenious ideas that make use of space which will inspire you to think ‘out of the box‘ when it comes to kitchen storage solutions. I like that some of them can be accomplished without too much extensive remodeling!

At I found a great overview by Tommy Sibiga called Technological Gadgets That Drive Up Your Home Price which explores  modernizing your home using cool tech; just like a brand new model home would! It has great advice and insight into what new homebuyers are looking for and desiring in their homes. It has inovative ideas about how to up-date your home now.

From these two articles I identified the top 3 home improvement projects that you can start now  which will  significantly improve your home’s market value and most importantly; enjoy these very useful and innovative ideas yourself.

  1. Updated Storage– maximizing your pantry space, cupboards with carrousel-style or pull our drawers will give your kitchen and rooms a modern look and not the overcrowded and cluttered feel.
  2. Home Automation – Your home can have the “technology package” included because your sprinkler system, garage door and security camera can be wirelessly access with a smart phone!
  3. Geek Friendly– by simply installing USB electrical outlets in your kitchen, office or bedrooms are a super easy way to “update” your home and give it a modern age feels even if it’s an older home.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can take your home from being ordinary into being extraordinary. Make a “Wish List” of the home improvements projects that are customizable to your home from the list above. Include in your list essential routine maintenance that you need to invest in first…. Yes, the ones you forgot about! Look out for trusted advice, free quotes from contractors and get started today!


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