Winter has been exceptionally harsh in many areas of the country and most likely has increased your heating costs. One of the key factors in preventing a budget blow out from bad weather, whether it is heat or cold, is to detect any energy loss.

Here are positive indications that your spaces are not energy efficient.

  • Draftiness, fogged or frosted windows, ice dams, gaps around windows in the foundation war, and high energy bills.

It can be difficult to detect problems such as inadequate wall insulation, loss of warm air around attic vents and open spaces, you may need a professional! Here are some tips so you can identify where your homes or offices may be losing energy:

Measure and record the temperature in different locations in your interior environment. Two degrees difference indicates that the room is poorly sealed. A solution is to check the weather stripping around the windows and doors. It may need replacing.

Check for drafts around windows and doors by holding a tissue next to the jams on a windy day.  If the tissue flutters, the window stripping is inadequate. Is any light coming in around the jambs – you have a leak!

Conduct an energy audit.  Most Power companies will provide you with an audit kit or conduct an audit for you.

Monitor your energy use: Check your accounts and compare your meter readings for other similar seasons.  If the variations can’t be explained by exceptionally bad weather consider hiring a professional to conduct an energy audit.

An average home will have many small leaks, collectively they could be the equivalent of a 2 foot hole in the wall.  The air escaping through these cracks can account for as much as 1/3 your total energy loss. Need Help in stopping hundreds of Dollars seeping out of your spaces. Ask for a convenient quote from experienced handy man and get your energy bills slashed.