Don’t the little things in your house ever get to you? You know, like that little leak in the kitchen, or the suspicious toilet flush in the bathroom, and oh that annoying play set that you keep forgetting to assemble! Some of the most necessary household jobs can be such a pain and a hassle. Or just take too much of your precious time! When those kinds of jobs come, it can be a great relief to just dump them on a specialized handyman. They can do minor repairs, assembling large items (like that play set) and even other bothersome projects that you just don’t have the time or skill to do.

But is getting a handyman really necessary? That can be a tough question and it really depends on what you’re doing. But here are a few questions to help you out:

  • Can I do the job myself?

If so…

  1. Do I have the time for it?
  2. Is it too risky? (Will one mistake ruin the whole project?)
  3. Do I have the right tools for this job?

So, what if you know for sure that you will need a handyman? Well, here are some questions you should consider before searching for the right person:

  • Does the job need a tradesman with special certification or local building code knowledge? (If so, then you need a professional, not a handyman.)
  •  If I do not get this job done now, will I save money or create a more expensive problem in the future?
  • Should I get the job(s) all done in one call out?

So, if you’re in need of a handyman, just visit us at and get several free quotes from your local handyman.  It’s a great way to reduce the stress in your life from of all the unfinished tasks in your home.

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Bonus! Here are some things handymen can do but are limited to:

  • Changing filters and cleaning AC units.
  • Assemble furniture, play sets, barbecues, sheds, etc.
  • Replace batteries in various devices such as smoke alarms or emergency lighting.
  • Minor repairs, or painting to both ‘Black Top driveways’ and concrete walls or walks. Minor painting interior or external touch-ups.
  • Ceiling fan general maintenance such as replacing old units, clean and oil them.
  • Chairs and table general repairs, he/she will have the tools, skill and know what products to use.
  • Doors, doorbells, gates and fences maintenance or repairs.
  • Sinks, bathtubs, toilets, drain pipes and dry wall repairs and maintenance.
  • Vinyl flooring or cove molding repair or replacement.
  • Drawers and cupboard repairs.
  • Attaching hooks to studs or roofs, hanging large pictures, paintings and mirrors.
  • Attach home security signs or repair mail box numbers.
  • Light fixtures and switches maintenance, change hard to reach bulbs.
  • Dissembling or reassembling large pieces of furniture.
  • Hanging picture, mirrors, adjust or installing shelves.
  • Roof maintenance by checking for problems and identifying potential issues.
  • Seasonal change over and maintenance of storm windows and summer screens.

We would like to give credit to David Koenigsberg and his book Handyman’s Handbook that inspired this blog post.  We hope you find it useful.

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