Five steps to keep you on track to sell you home with ease


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1Prep: paper work

You will need the property deed (or certified copies), bank loan documents, legal documents, sales contract, outstanding liens, renovation receipts, proof of taxes, insurance policy, status of home bills, property condition discloser, financial discloser and don’t worry if you have lost some documents; you can get certified copies from the local count records office.

2A savvy Agent

Get an experienced Real Estate agent with a solid up-to-date marketing plan and knows how to price your home correctly. It is often advised to not use family members or close friends. The process of selling a home can get emotional so you do not want to loose friendships or harbor ill will towards a family member if things do not go as you expected during the sales process.

3Show off your appealing home

Time to deep clean, freshen up the look, beautify the landscaping, paint if needed, repair if necessary and hire a home stager if the budget allows. (Try our complimentary Free Quotesno purchase neccessary.)

4Welcome feedback and be flexible

Fit in as many showings and open homes as possible. Adjust your family schedule so you can give full home access to your agent as often as possible. If it is taking too long to sell; you may need to lower your expectations and make necessary changes to meet the current market trends.

5 stepsPrepare for transition

For a smooth transition between selling and purchasing your new home it pays to prepare. Resource storage options for your belongings and temporary accommodation for a possible interim period.

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