Have you ever thought of the little visitors who frequent our gardens and live, feed, nest and even depend on our care of the urban sprawl that we have manufactured? Within the last 100 years neighborhoods, cities and even countryside developments have transformed millions of acres of native habitats across the United States into parking lots, buildings and high-rise apartment complexes. We have surrounded ourselves with highly manicured or artificial lawns and forgotten the creatures than depend on our outdoor environment to survive.

We have forgot about the birds, insects, wildlife, native plants and their need for healthy functioning relationship that the soil and ecosystem is designed for. Do you think its time for a change? Let us start with our own back yard landscaping and pitch in to help the natural native ecosystem to bounce back. Not only will it be great for the birds, it will be healthy for your wallet. Native plants and evergreen combinations will be easy to maintain and are much more likely to survive the temperatures and seasonal changes in the weather.

Here is the Contractor Easy Top 5 Essentials for Landscaping

– Replace exotic plants with native plants –
Restore the relationship between native species and help stop invasive plants from invasion or draining precious resources other native plants need to help support local animal populations.

– Chose from a variety of native plants that are a food source for native birds –
Plant: Berry-producers, seed-producers, nut-producers and nectar-producers. The birds will love it!

– Work with what you got –
Use your current landscaping and add on top of it to create a more natural inviting space for birds and native plants to thrive. Consider all the locations in your home that have full sun or mostly shade and plan according to the native plants that will grow well in each location.

– Create a high-tech watering plan for Landscaping –
Automated sprinkler systems that connect with the local weather are the BEST eco-friendly systems out there. You will save money and the City will save water! Using just App on your phone you can control your whole watering cycle and enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about manually turning it off during rain or freeze days. (Just Google: Automated Sprinkler System)

– Stop pests that hurt your landscaping effort –
Many homeowners struggle with pests (such as rabbits) that are constantly consuming plants. Consider planting native plants that are still beautiful, space filing and naturally pest resistance. This might however include some trial and error to find out what works in your native area and the pests appetite!

Consider yourself now a step closer to being a conservationist in your own backyard!