Tax credits could be one thing to get excited about in April!

There have been a number of residential energy efficiency tax credits that have been renewed and you can still take advantage of them. Not only are these tax credits available for your energy star purchases in 2016 but also still applicable to purchases made in 2015.

I love ENERGY STAR certified products because they are not only more environmentally friendly but can save up to 30% on energy consumption in your home and who doesn’t also like receiving a Tax rebate?

Talk to ContractorEasy Certified contractors today about making your home Energy Star efficient and cash in on the Tax credits by checking your eligibility and then filing the IRS Tax form 5695.




Important Links

Find local rebates in your area: Click Here

More information on Federal Tax Rebates: Click Here

To calculate your lifetime limitation on energy credits: Click Here

Note from the author: Please verify with and for restrictions and details that may apply to your home and affect your rebate before you begin. Thank you!