Expensive, time consuming…and a lot of measuring! Buying a new door or window can be a tough process. You got to be sure you get a good deal as well as great quality. Fortunately, it’s not impossible. But if you’re stuck, you just found the right page.

Here are a few handy hints about what to look for when you inspect your new window or door before beginning installation. Hind-sight is a wonderful teacher but wise words can be super instructive too. 

Hints for Buying Brand New Doors or Windows

  • Check the hardware on your new windows or doors are steady and all pieces are included in your purchase.
  • Carefully examine the sash lock or opening mechanism is in good condition.
  • Cracks and cloudy areas in the window or door may reveal faulty glass. If so, you need to return it.
  • Check that the weather stripping is uniform and tight.
  • Creaky or squeaky noises are not good! All door or window hinges must operate easily.
  • Correctly positioned doorknob hole or window latch is necessary for good security.
  • Custom finish should be of high quality. (Check for unsightly wood grain or paint blemishes.)
  • Look for a Customer Guarantee! Each window or door should have a seal of quality from an authorized organization. Look for one or more of these: National Woodwork Manufacturers Association, Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association, American National Standards Institute, American Wood Windows Institute. Extra Tip: The National Fenestration Rating Council tests windows and doors for heat loss, (U-value), R-value, and solar heat gain.

So whether you are going to do it yourself or get a professional to install your new windows and doors, the above check list is a great way to start making sure you get the best for your home.

Maybe you realize you don’t have the right tools or skill. Then we can help you! We can provide you with a convenient quote from experienced tradesmen in your local area. Our pros will give advice and free quotes.