Thinking about selling your house? It’s an overwhelming task but with a few steps we can help you to navigate the journey.

Step 1: Getting your Home Presentable

First off, it’s time to clean and tidy every room! Honestly, the house will sell itself if the potential buyer gets a good first impression. You don’t want anything to be distracting. Your home’s best features must be highlighted so that any buyer gets the impression that the home has been well maintained.

Step 2: Inspection

You get what you inspect. A pre-inspection, by a paid home inspector, can help you identify and prioritize any repairs that need to be done. Knowing your homes current issues that need to be rectified will guide you in establishing a reasonable asking price. An inspector will alert you if any of your home’s structural components, appliances, or major systems need repairing or maintenance.

Step 3: Repairs and Touch ups

Impressions are paramount – major or minor repairs need to be attended to! It is the small things that can spoil an otherwise beautiful home. Patch any holes, repair any ugly or broken trim, repaint for a fresh look, etc.

Step 4: Getting an Appraisal?

Not everyone chooses to get an appraisal, however it can be helpful (but potentially expensive). So, it really depends on your situation. We can have an emotional connection to our homes and it’s often hard to be objective. Hence, it maybe appropriate to get an appraisal. Every home needs a listing price that is objective, so a professional opinion can help you stay objective in a competitive market.

Step 5: Staging your Home (Making it look good!)

Next, when staging you are not sending a message that this is your home, rather you are projecting this is the perfect home for a potential buyer! Highlight your homes attributes with a clutter free atmosphere; keep it as minimal as possible so the client can imagine their treasures in your home.  If you need help, hire a Professional Stager.

Step 6: Picking the Price

If you decide to work with an agent, they will bring their expertise to establish an accurate listing price. This price will be based on a “Comparative Market Analysis” (CMA), which should reflect the fair market value. If you want to instead opt for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) process, you will be managing your own listing. You can request a CMA from a local agent if you want to know the market value. Check online and do your own research, considering comparable properties. A Comparative Market Analysis is a report a real estate agent provides with a compilation of recent sales from your area. It will focus on the homes sold that are similar to yours.  It will include: Homes details, days on the market, and the final sale prices which can help you decide the right price for your own home.

Step 7: Getting it Out There

Finally, marketing is very important when selling a house. Professional photography can impact the number of viewings you have, therefore increasing the chance of catching a buyer. Often an agent will have their own photographer who may offer discounted rates. Photos are vital for advertising your listing online, on social media, etc. So, an agent can be very helpful in this area, for they have the software. Should you decide to use the FSBO process, you’ll probably still need professional photographs. There are many websites available for listing your FSBO, plus you can use social media!

We can help you find a handyman or a pro to help you touch up your home to be ready to sell. But we will leave the rest to a Real Estate Professional!

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