New Garage Door

Have you heard the old expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?  This might apply to a great deal in life…but when it comes to home repairs this doesn’t work! I’ve learned a hard lesson this week.

For a while our garage door was making strange noises and it was becoming obvious the motor was struggling with the load. We realized the time was coming for a new door and it won’t be cheap or a DIY job. We had already replaced the motor a year prior so we figured why replace the door if it’s still functioning. (Frankly I just couldn’t face another home project!)

This week upon opening the garage door, the noise became so bad I immediately knew…it’s time for a new door. That same day we decided to just fork out the cash and get it done. I did some quick research for quotes, selected our door, price range and installation company. Then to our utter disappointment we discovered there is a potential 30 day time frame to get a new garage door ordered and installed! They actually manufacture it to custom fit your home and then install it when ready. This all makes perfect sense BUT to a homeowner who just waited till the last minute, it has turned into a security risk for their home. We needed our new door ASAP!

broken garage door

The following day, nuts, screws and hinges began popping out of the garage door. Even manually opening it became impossible and a safety hazard. With one car stuck in the garage our family was down to just our extra car to get around. We had just learned a lesson the hard way; we waited too long to replace our garage door!

The installation company was very understanding with the pickle we got ourselves into and is rushing our order for us. The moral of my story is: Don’t wait until it’s broken and put your family in a tight spot when it can be avoided. Installations and home improvements take time and are almost always subject to contractor’s schedules.Broken garage hinge

Come back again soon to check out my new garage door!