Preventing unwanted critters moving into your home is the best solution for pest control. It’s too late when you hear strange noises, find droppings or catch them red-handed in the attic… then you know you have a problem and it’s time to call the pest control guy. Mice, rat, squirrels, raccoons or birds can cause you a lot of stress and significant damages to your home.

Prevention is the best way to save you hundreds of dollars in pest control costs and damages. Nasty diseases can be carried by wildlife and trying to DIY trap aggressive critters (especially if they are female and protecting their young) is not recommended. Call the pros and make sure the pest control guy gives you the best bang for your buck and most importantly get’s the critters out.

Tips to keep the pests away and the expensive pest control service

Trim Trees: Keep trees and vines off your home structure. This will limit access points for rodents to enter into your home from the roof.

Monitor Roof and Siding: Replace any rotting or weak siding around your home that is soft enough for critters to chew through.

No Bird feeders: Avoid feeding wildlife around your property if you continuously have problems with critters. It’s like an open invitation to move in!

In the Attic: Set up mousetraps in the attic, throw mothballs around, and use high frequency sound devices. These can help temporarily but not permanently.

Regular Inspections: Inspections every year from top to bottom, chimney and in any open gaps in the roofs. (Call a handyman to climb into dangerous places if you need to.)

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