Painting Contractors in Dallas, TX

Repainting the exterior and or interior of your home is a great investment to update the aesthetics of your home and or for functional reasons like avoiding costly damages that come from wear and tear. It may include replacing some wood surfaces that have rotted, filling cracks and holes, lacquering wood and even adding some custom paint features if you desired. Its best to consult a professional painting contractor to help you decide which is the best type of paint and primer to use. They will also help you with cost as to which paint will suit your budget best and the climate you live in. You will probably need a variety of colors and paints to suit each part of your home, like the interior walls, outdoor siding, windows, shutters and trim for maximum protection and best suited color palette.

Each house is unique and their is no one-size-fits all answer on when to determine how often to repaint it. However their are certain factors you can access to extract the answer for your unique home. Depending on the quality of paint and primer used, a good quality paint often provides a protection for up to 5 to 10 years. So examine for cracking, peeling or flaking paint. Also look for wet or rotted wood and signs of mildew and mold. Carefully using a leader also look for damaged vinyl siding and cracked crumbling bricks.

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