Henderson Structural Engineering Companies

A structural engineer who's focus is on building projects like homes or other structors has the responsibility of evaluating any part of the structure that carries a load. They are responsible for evaluating schematics of the building project and responsible for ensuring that the building meets structural safety, building codes and the ability to withstand natures elements safely.

When you hire a structural engineer, you can expect them to visit the construction site to do the evaluation and also to review designs and schematics. They will also provide official approval for specify stages of the development. The structural engineer has the responsibility to inspects the foundation, infrastructure, curtain wall, insulation and the building envelope on your construction site. With careful inspection, they will compare the approved building plans and make sure that your foundation and building meets the architectural drawings that were provided. Upon inspection, if the structural engineer finds flaws in the design, they will make a list of issues and deficiencies. Then you will need to work with the designer or builder to correct these flaws and the structural engineer will again review to ensure compliance of codes. It is very important that all documentation is accurate and complete to bring your construction site through inspection successfully.

We have prescreened structural engineers registered with us in the Henderson, NV area, and upon your request would be able to provide you either ballpark estimates or detailed estimates for your project and set the correct expectation. Now multiply this by 2-3 times, and at the end of this exercise you will have estimates and recommendations from 2-3 companies to create your plan that you could really execute.

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