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Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are as essential to a today's building as the lighting system. It not only a channel for a comfortable living, but also integral for a healthy lifestyle. Today, at least in the western parts of the world, there is hardly a home built without giving adequate consideration to a HVAC system. When you are considering a new HVAC system or a system for a home you're building, you can also go beyond the norm and decide on a greener solution by considering geothermal heating and cooling. An HVAC system, or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system can be one unit serving your household purpose or multiple units serving specific purposes. Typically, a single unit such as a heat pump will meet all your HVAC needs and would work very efficiently. However, depending on the climate you live, a single unit solution would not be the best choice. If you are building a new house, then the builder will know the most appropriate unit(s) for your climate and even will work out the best sizing for your home. Now, if you are in the market to replace a unit, then you may be wondering whether a single unit HVAC solution could be the best. As for heat pumps, the general rule of selection is, is the how low and how long the temperature in your climate drops below zero.

An air conditioner could come as a single unit such as window air conditioning unit or a split type. A split type air conditioning unit puts the evaporator inside the house, and the condenser is placed outside the house with a fan assembly. The advantage of the split type air conditioning unit is, the ability to place these two units individually at a moderate distance, and this presents more strategies for their installation. An integrated unit however, would restrict your choices for its placement or you will end up carving a large hole on your outside wall to place it. Unless you are considering a window type air conditioner unit for an already designated window location, you choice for an air conditioner unit should lean towards a split type air conditioning unit. For this type of installation, you would require the help of a HVAC contractor. A window air conditioning unit is easy enough to be installed by yourself. However, you have to make sure that the electrical outlet you are plugging in the window air conditioning unit has sufficient amperage as per manufacturers specification. Usually, it is but you never know.

As per heating and ventilating, there are number of ways that can be implemented too. Each of these methods have their own characteristics, however they can be classified based on: 1. The heat conducting medium, 2. The energy type, 3. The heat generating method, 4. Their efficiency. The heat conducting medium, could be either air, water, steam or electricity. The electricity can be classified as a energy type and also as a conveying medium. What type of method suited for a particular structure or your home is dependent on the environmental extremes at where you live, availability of a type of energy source, and structural uniqueness of your home.

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  • Finney Enterprises dba ACLV
  • 6255 Mcleod Drive, Suite 23
  • Las Vegas ,   NV,   89120
  • 702-507-3271
For unbeatable prices and matchless customer service, count on us at ACLV Heating & Cooling for all of your Las Vegas HVAC and AC Repair, maintenance and installation needs. We guarantee the best prices and workmanship on air conditioning service in the entire Vegas metro area. Our prompt, professional technicians look forward to showing you why we're the best. The Most Affordable Choice in VegasWe want to be the Las Vegas air condiioning repair company that you call this time and every time. So, every service estimate from ACLV Heating & Cooling is carefully designed to be honest, affordable, and transparent. We address any issue you may have with you air condition system while saving yout he most money possible Worried about getting the best deal on AC service in Las Vegas? Just show us an estimate from any other licensed contractor and we'll beat it. Best Work, Best Guarantee

  • D N A Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC
  • 3637 Misty Falls Street
  • Las Vegas ,   NV,   89129
  • 702-507-3228
Welcome to DNA Air Condition & Heating Company! We proudly service Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas. Our owner and operator Andre, takes great pride in his professionalism and customer satisfaction. With over 10 years of experience, our team knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time. For fast, reliable and efficient service give us a call today.You will not be disappointed.

  • Hometown Handyman, LLC
  • 6655 Boulder Hwy, #1199
  • Las Vegas ,   NV,   89122
  • 702-852-1038
With nearly 10 years of experience serving Las Vegas and Clark County, Hometown Handyman, LLC, is the solution for all your top to bottom home maintenance needs. We take great pride in our professionalism, timeliness and superior customer service. We strive to develop a lasting relationship so that the next time service is needed there will be no question on who to call. Satisfaction guaranteed! Call us today!

At City Solutions Mechanical, we take great pride in the construction experience, expertise, quality, and customer service that we provide to meet customer's needs. It is our mission to provide excellent workmanship and complete customer satisfaction from start to completion of a project. In order to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, we take great care to work and communicate with every customer in a professional manner. Our reputation is based on service, safety, and quality, regardless of how large or small the job.

  • Ximen Company
  • 8012 Cimarron Ridge Drive
  • Las Vegas ,   NV,   89128
Here at Ximen Company, we sustain our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We strongly believe in giving our absolute best in all of our projects. We are experts in our trade and will always keep you educated on your particular task or project. We do a variety of work which includes painting, cabinetry, electrical, laminate flooring etc., and customized work for customers needs. We give the best prices in Vegas! Give us a call for FREE Estimates . Thank you for your interest in us. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Spot-Free Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Services, Ltd.
  • 8084 Chestnut Glen Avenue
  • Las Vegas ,   NV,   89131
  • 702-507-3080
Spot-Free Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Services, Ltd., works hard to provide each customer with the best possible service and quality. We look forward to earning your business soon. We are proud to serve Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We offer free estimates. Call us today!