Qualified Carpenters in Los Angeles, CA

A carpenter's tasks could range from building house framing to fixing your kitchen cabinets. Since there is not license requirements or qualifications required to be carpenter, a reliable and proven track record would be the best bet against finding someone you could trust to work with.

There are different carpenter roles and each specializes in an area. A framing carpenter or framer specializes in building skeletons or the framework for a new house. Also, a framer will also get involved when you are extending your home or remodeling your basement. Typically, a builder employs most of the framing carpenters as sub contractors or permanent employees. A trim carpenter specializes in trims and molding for homes, these may consist of baseboards, doors, window casing, wainscoting, chair rails etc. A cabinet maker will get involved more than just cabinet making, he/she will be competent and specializes in creating furniture as well as custom furniture this may include but not limited to book cases, built in media walls or media center enclosures, kitchen cabinets, bedroom built-in closets or cabinets, living room cabinets etc. There are other types of carpenters they fall beyond the domain of home improvements.