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In a highly functional house, the layout plays a major role its day to day activities. Layout determines not the ease of mobility but also indirectly influence the inter-personal relationships. A segregated house with distinct and separated functional areas, isolate the residents, however an overly shared or open space could cause each other to cross their, well... sometime needed personal boundary. I'm not talking about bedrooms, but mostly the living spaces. I have seen many expensive homes with bad flow, and some inexpensive houses with exceptional flow.

A flow of a house primarily hinges upon but not limited to the integration of the kitchen and the living room(s). So modern architectural designs favors a flow that creates a fluid move between living, kitchen and dining areas. In a larger home, you will have space for not just one but for several formal living room spaces. But in many smaller homes we don't have that luxury, so the flow becomes a great value point. Some greatly designed small homes have such an amazing indoor and outdoor flow, you could just open your arms and float around like a teenage girl. A great design should not just open things up... remember the personal space, but should find that balance, which the residents can further fine tune.

The initial step of any serious project is planning, then you can refine that plan incrementally until you are happy. When you refining the plan, it would be really helpful to know what you can actually do out of your plan and what's not actually feasible. Either due to financial or structural/enginnering constraints. To determine that you may need to engage some professional help. Yes, an end-to-end remodeler can give you a single price quote. May be even if you are planning to run this project it's a good start. The next option is breaking the tasks down and trying to find the professionals or sub-contractors who could actually do the job. This will allow you to create a list of feasible choices and also know who can do what and how much roughly it's going to cost you.

Once you gather your thoughts into an ordered list, and then after fine tuning it, the next step is to put some realism into it. There are number of ways you could do that, however, the most pragmatic way is to get some estimates from sub-contractors or remodelers. Here we can help you jump start on things. Our carefully selected directory includes, living room designers, remodelers and if you want to run the project, verified and pre-screened sub-contractors. You can get info and pricing at no cost from up to 3 remodeling companies. It's Easy!