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Do you hear strange noises in the attic? Scratching sounds? It is probably a little critter that has moved in with you! It could be a mouse, squirrel, rat, raccoon or a bird! Wildlife like squirrels and rats are very agile and persistent little critters that love to nest and raise their young in your attic! They can chew through fascia boards, loosen screens, chew wires and cause a significant amount of damage to your home if left un-checked.

Understanding how to prevent an infestation will save you hundreds of dollars in pest control costs and damages. However most often you have to actually experience the problem before you know what you need to do.

Here are few tips to keep pests away:

Trees: The trees around your home and roof are their highways for getting around. Clipping and trimming any vines or branches will limit any access points to your home.

Roof and Siding: Monitor the siding around your home. Old or rotted wood is an invitation for critters to chew through. They can then gain access to your attic and other areas making themselves at home. Replace any rotting or weak siding as soon as possible; which will also prevent water leaks resulting from bad weather.

Bird feeders: Keep them as far away as possible from the house. If you have persistent squirrels or rat troubles, we recommend removing the feeders, as they are not worth the extensive havoc critters can unleash on your home. Also avoid feeding any other wildlife around your property to prevent those unwanted rodents accepting an invitation to setup as permanent residents.

Attic: As a countermeasure and temporary solution during winter time; try to make your attic the most un-comfortable place to call home for any critter who might be interested in moving in. Temporary measures such as mothballs, ammonia dipped cloths, high frequency sound devices, “squirrel-be-gone” products can help temporarily. Also set up mousetraps around the attic as a good backup just in case rats or mice get in through any crawlspaces.

Inspections: Have regular inspections, from top to bottom, chimney and in any open gaps in the roofs. Please be careful when inspecting the roof and call a handyman if necessary to do the inspection for you, because it can be dangerous.

Trapping: If you want to trap a critter like a squirrel you can do it yourself, however they are smart little critters with a nasty bite - so it will not be easy. You can use live-traps and relocate them about 2 miles away…. however we recommend giving a professional a call if you have a serious problem or infestation.

Dangers: Many diseases are carried by wildlife and their droppings can also carry contagions diseases that can infect humans who come in contact with them. Allergy and asthma symptoms can flare up in family members who are very sensitive. Squirrels can become very aggressive and attack humans if they feel threatened, so be aware that many rodents can be infected with rabies. It is very important to use a professional that can eradicate, trap or exterminate any pests when needed.

We hope you have found some great tips on preventing pest control problems and this helps you deal with any future problems you might have with little critters.