Trusted Oakland, CA Basement Waterproofing Contractors

If you are planning to remodel your basement to a living space, but not in a position to just start on the project, then assessing and starting on basement drainage solution could be a lower cost initiative. This also allows you to prove your solution for a couple of seasons, before you start putting in the expensive remodeling items. This is a better approach than doing the drainage solution just before, remodeling or much better than after remodeling then realizing you would need a solution.

Effective basement drainage is not a single step or a single solution. One solution could be establishing a drainage slope around the foundation. A dry well could be installed to help give runoff water an escape route so it doesn't collect around the house foundation. Further, a solution such as Dry Streambed or Watercourse could be used to direct water runoff away from your house foundation towards areas where the water could percolate into the ground and irrigate plants. A Foundation Drainage Garden has the dual function of enhancing your landscape as well as keeping your basement dry.

Any of the solution or combination of solution you think is suitable for your basement drainage issues you could either do it yourself possibly saving some money, or get a experienced basement drainage companies in Oakland, CA to do a professional job, which would save you some money and avoid getting something wrong and experiencing the consequences. Since installing basement drainage solutions is not a routine task, a proper solution should last for 10-15 years. You need to think whether you want to do it by yourself and have some fun, but also leaving a chance of more maintenance or having to tweak continuously or get an experienced companies in Oakland, CA to do the job once and for all for a small cost difference compared to if you do it by yourself. Since, it's not going to cost you anything to talk to our basement drainage pros and get some estimates, it would not be wise to not do so. Spend 2-3 minutes and save hundreds of dollars. It's Easy!