Licensed Basement Remodeling Contractors in Oakland, CA

Modern basements are an extension of the living space than some musty, dark, cold area that you dread to visit not even during the day. Also, gone are the day, basements are just used for limited function areas like storage and occasional wine cellars. Today, finished basements are a great way to increase the living area of your home and tailer them for multi use environments that can be used to create multiple dedicated space. It could range from bedrooms, living rooms, media rooms, office space and even wet bar or kitchen.

The demand to finish a home construction today and ever trimming cost has influenced builders to leave modern day basements unfinished. Some actually realize that there are some usable space and end up re-purposing it for storage or occasional wine cellars. Then when the surface areas are fully used, the pressure to have more space creates an opportunity to re-purpose or remodel the basement to a fully fledged living space. Extending your home to the basement and creating accessible and livable space in fact potentially increases the value of your home.

Remodeling a basement requires planning which is different to any home addition or remodeling project on the surface. The main constraint is you have to work with what's already there structure wise and you are limited to even rearranging things. So, before you go any further, you have to make sure whether your dream can be transcended to reality to avoid bitter disappointments. Even if you found a great home with an unfinished basement for a good price and if you see the potential there, just don't limit yourself there. It's best to know whether a remodeling that you want, can be done before you commit to it. Here is where we can really help you. Our experienced basement remodeling experts in Oakland, CA will be able to get that assessment done for free. So you know from the get go, what's possible and even whether it's financially feasible. Since we let 2-3 basement remodeling pros to provide you assessments and estimation, you should have wealth of information and some idea what can be done to make the right decision. It's Easy!