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Refinishing your cabinets usually means a good deep clean, paint job/stain and possibly updating the hardware and hinges. Its a great way to bring back the sparkle and beauty of your original cabinets. Cabinets go though a lot of wear and tear, especially in the kitchen. You will see that food residue, grease, water and heat can take a toll on the cabinets. If you decided to take on this project yourself, its more than possible! What you will need to do however is set aside possibly a whole weekend to completely finish. Be ware that if you start in the kitchen, you wont be able to use this room in the time being. It will require doors/hinges to be taken down and cleaned, making sure you mark which door goes where. Then applying the right cleaning chemicals is essential, you can clean with soap and water but you can also go deeper by using a trisodium phosphate to clean with. Remember to properly protect your countertops and appliances and floors before work begins and not forgot your own gloves and eye protection. You can also update your hardware in hinges or you save some money and wash them with soapy water and apply the proper polish. If you are planning on going all the way with painting and adding moulding, a few things to remember are, always work in a ventilated area, wear your safety gear and follow manufactures instructions.

Refinishing cabinets is not quick and easy task to accomplish, especially if you want to update your whole home. Before you begin planning a wise idea would be to first get multiple quotes from professional cabinet refinishers. With multiple quotes in hand, you can then make an informed decision if your budget can allow for someone else to handle your cabinets or if you may have to do the project yourself.

Depending on your budget you may be limited to what you can achieve, so fill in a quote request form and we will get 2-3 local Oakland, CA pros to discuss your exact needs and offer you competitive quotes. Our workforce are rated and pre-screened so you wont have to search anywhere else to find competitive quotes. Its Easy and Free!