Quality Carpenters in Oakland, CA

A carpenter's tasks could range from building house framing to fixing your kitchen cabinets. Since there is not license requirements or qualifications required to be carpenter, a reliable and proven track record would be the best bet against finding someone you could trust to work with.

At the tasks, a carpenter can play multiple roles and there are specific names for each role:

  • A framing carpenter or simply referred as a framer: Works on building framing for houses, these can be simply timber framing for dry walls or framing that could work as a structure for brick and mortar.
  • A trim carpenter: Works on trims and moldings for homes, these may include baseboards, window casings, doors, wainscoting, chair rails etc. basically all trim and molding tasks found in a home.
  • Cabinet Maker: Specializes in cabinets including built-in furniture, these includes cabinets, bookshelves, media walls, kitchen cabinetry including counter tops etc.
The types of carpenters are not limited to these, however for home improvement purposes these are a few of the carpenter job types.