Local Top Rated Cleaning and Maid Services in Oakland, CA

You can never buy time, but you can always buy other peoples time. If you are looking for a cleaning services company you already realized this. Now the critical part is making a choice which cleaning services company to give this responsible task to. Finding a reputable cleaning or maid service company is one part of the equation, however, making sure these companies do proper due diligence with their employees and who does not have a high employee turnover rate is also important. Higher employee turnover rate could mean low pay, unethical behavior or bad management. In any case you should be careful opening your doors for these types of companies. The best indication of a company is they having good reviews or rating by the customers. However, these can be only trusted if they are done by a third party. Better Business Bureau is a good place to look up whether a company is bad, but not the other way around.

Like air line travel, you always have a choice but at the end of the day it comes to service and cost. The cost you see is what you pay, but not what you are liable. Let say, you employ a person that you know and start paying them for cleaning services, this IRS treats like you like you have employed this person as a household staff. Now, your payment within a calendar year exceeds a certain threshold ($1,800 in 2012), you automatically become liable to issue W2 and pay payroll taxes. However, if the person providing the cleaning service is a company or properly incorporated, this is like you are getting a service from any other company. So this is something you need factor in within your search parameters for a cleaning service.

The other factor which needs to be considered is the cost. We know quality service does not come at a cheap price, but you need to make sure you are getting the best deal. One option is to call a few companies and check the prices, if they are well known and reputable. Another simple option is for you to fill in a form with us and we will get up to 3 cleaning services companies that has been through a verification process to contact you to discuss cleaning options. This is without any cost to you. If they know that you mean business, some companies even offer complementary service for you to get the feel for the quality of service they offer. When our cleaning services companies call do not hesitate to ask about this if they don't offer as part of your inquiry process.

See some of the companies providing cleaning services in Oakland, CA below. Fill in the form and we will make sure that we will direct the best company that would meet your cleaning requirements, and they can provide you estimates and if necessary references. You can make the decision and get the most competitive price for the services.