Trusted Local Foundation Companies in Oakland, CA

A foundation essentially does all the load bearing for your home. If you have a multi-story house the load is much higher. Your home could have either slab, pier or beam foundation depending on the soil composition, but most common is the slab foundation. Essentially the original builder of your house should have done the proper due diligence taking into account, the soil composition, climate extremes in your area and the structural load bearing needs of your house. Even if the builder had done a fantastic job, due to geological changes beyond prediction, a foundation may face issues which needs the attention of a experienced foundation contractor.

A major contributor to the failure of concrete foundations is expansive soils. If you are living in one of the nine states (Alabama, California, Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas or Wyoming) with most expensive soils, and if you look around, the foundation issues are not so rare. Also, this also means you need to pay more attention to your foundation and take some preventive care or even routine inspection to avoid costly repairs later. Foundation failures are not usually sudden unless for an extreme environmental event, so monitoring your foundation or to get a specialist to routinely inspect would be a wise initiative.

Given the volume of water, the expansive soil would expand or shrink. If it loses moisture it start shrinking and now if you live in a house with slab foundation which essentially designed to support 100 percent of their area, this shrinkage will cause the foundation to settle. So to lessen this shrinkage or to avoid it if possible, you may have been instructed to "water" the foundation in extreme dry summers.

Whatever your current foundation issue is, you need a help of a foundation expert who knows the local geology and codes, and we can line up foundation companies in Oakland, CA to provide you free consultation as well as free estimates. You can talk and review 2-3 proposals and then decide the best course of action. It's Easy!