Residential Designer Services in Oakland, CA

Sometimes and maybe more often than we like to admit, we find that our physical environment such as our homes and living spaces are not functioning well for us and due to the growing influence and rapid changes in technology that we need for everyday life. We need functional solutions to solve these problems and enhance the quality and esthetics of our home life. We all want the wonders of technology to fill our homes, however keeping up with a well-designed floor plan that includes this technology and the beauty of classic flooring or rugs, colors, fabrics, patterns and textures, window and wall treatments, accessories, art, and the many finishing touches…is not always easy as it sounds.

A skilled interior space planner and designer will have great perspective and insight into transforming a cluttered living space into a vibrant space with character, style and most important: functionality. They can give you great advice and suggestions on how to transform your home to exactly want your needs are and maybe even exceed your expectations or dreams! A home is a sanctuary and nobody feels relaxed and rested in clutter filled living spaces. Space planning might include new furniture, completely new perspective on the floor plan, maybe a few structural changes and the list could be extensive; but all depending on your individual needs and of course your budget.

When you make a request for a quote, we will line up, up to 3 interior space planners and designers in Oakland, CA area who will get in touch with you to provide an estimate. Since we get most of the information from you during your quote request process, you don't have to repeat yourself 4 times like in some call centers when trying to get a single service. The interior space planners and designers who will talk to you will know what's your project and what you are trying accomplish. Of course you have the freedom to enhance the understanding, but what we are trying to say is talking to 2-3 interior space planners and designers, doesn't mean you have to start a fresh conversation all over again.