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The flooring trend today in modern new homes has moved away from carpet to hard surfaces. Have you been into a new home that has gone with the new look of hard surfaces for living areas. There is a ‘Wow’ factor immediately as you walk in. Even down the track if you decide to sell, you will always retain the value of the upgrade. There are many new amazing flooring options which are so versatile now available such as: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – certified wood, plastic laminate, vinyl, Cork, bamboo, ceramic. These are all very popular flooring options for any new construction or renovation. These new material wear exceptional well and are all wonderful choices for up-grading your floors.

So many choices. It is a big decision when choosing between high-end wood or a more budget friendly alternative. If your budget is limited and you cannot consider a high quality wooden up-grade, then laminate flooring may be an option to consider. Plastic laminate flooring is looking better now than ever and can dramatically update the look of your entry, kitchen, and living areas. Also, it costs a fraction of what true hardwood does. Snap-and-lock flooring technology makes installation a quick process. This may be used on floors throughout your home; it can make small spaces feel bigger.

The reality is that flooring in every home needs attention at some point. The most common concerns are those areas that experience high traffic or suffer pet damage. Those unsightly patches, wear and tear marks devalue your home and distract from the homes good features. Beautiful new hard wood or laminate flooring will add value to your home and to your family’s quality of life and health.

If you are seriously considering that sorely needed update for your floors then the next step is choosing which rooms are to be up-dated, which material is best for each space, choose a stain if you are going with hardwood. Work with a professional and come up with a plan for the whole project. Assess how the project will impact the needs of your family, get a professionals advice on how the traffic from one space to another will affect the wear and tear on the floors. Also consider your own personal tastes and the practicalities of the function of each room. When choosing a floor surface think through and list your order of priorities. What will meet our family needs best. A beautiful hardwearing flooring that will give you a long term satisfaction in your home for years to come, or is the key factor a tight budget. What will be the long term maintenance requirements for high traffic spaces and rooms? How will our life style, children, their toys and family pets impact the life of the new flooring? In the long term the extra cost of high quality choices may actually be very cost affective and add to your home’s value.

Basements or Concrete slab surfaces can be transformed by a nice new floor. A functioning basement with a wooden floor can be a game changer with a young family. Moisture is major factor to be concerned about and how to control it in basements and concrete slabs. Moisture is responsible for more than 90% of all wooden floor failures, it is important to plan how to deal with it. Assembling an appropriate subfloor, and choosing the best engineered wood flooring you can afford is a good idea for moisture control.

A floating sub floor is the best option. Wood flooring can be glued directly to a concrete slab or attached to a fabricated subfloor. Remember glue-down applications are intensive, and the best performing adhesives are expensive. That’s why installing wood flooring over the sub floor is typically a better option. There are many ways to build a sub floor. Get the advice of professional who can assess your projects options.

The most cost effective method, and the one most professional flooring contractors prefer, is the floating–sub floor approach. A floating subfloor is less labor intensive, doesn’t rely on expensive adhesives and can be integrated with vapor retarder more seamlessly than other sub floor assemblies. For floating floors, it is recommended that you use 10–mil polyethylene sheeting. When selecting vapor retarders, fasteners, and flooring for a basement, don’t skimp on quality.

Engineered wood flooring is the best option if you want to install a wooden floor in the basement or on a slab. To get the best wooden floor possible, consider each component and how it was manufactured. Sawn veneers look the best and last the longest. These products are assembled in different ways, which affects the floors functional and static role. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifies over-wood tolerances between 0.012 in. and 0.025 in. for engineered flooring, depending on its grade. (Over-wood is the difference in height between pieces of flooring when they are installed). The best engineered flooring has tighter milling tolerances.

When engaging in any renovating project all floor surfaces need particular care and protection. Areas of heavy through traffic such as hallways should be covered with a layer of 6 mil plastic. New wood flooring should be covered with 32 in. - wide runner of non-slip felt paid. Don’t forget wooden stairs, they should be covered with quarter inch hardboard taped in place. A failure to add protection will allow the accumulation of debris and other loose items such as nail, screws etc, to infiltrate under the coverings which will cause serious damage to any new floor area.

Other concerns that should be considered are if the new flooring will be exposed to moisture on a regular basis. If you’re considering hard wood flooring for your kitchen; the wood will be treated with a protective finish to protect the area from moisture.

Each flooring material offers advantages and it is important to decide what is the most important to you for your living area flooring. Wood flooring offers natural warmth and a homely feeling. The atmosphere of the living area will then flow to the bedrooms. Tile and wooden floors can often feel cooler in the winter months but on the flip side, it is more comfortable in the summer and easy to keep clean.| Different flooring material offers multiple advantages, so it is important to decide which is the most important factors for your living areas and high functioning spaces. Wooden flooring offers a natural warmth with a homely feeling. The living area warmth will then flow into the hall ways and bedrooms. In the winter tile and wooden floors feel cooler, on the flip side they are more comfortable in the summer and easy to clean.| Wooden flooring offers a natural warmth with a homely feeling. The living area warmth and wooden glow will then flow through the hall ways into the bedrooms. Wooden and tile floors feel cooler in the winter but are more comfortable in the summer plus are easier to clean. Different flooring material offers multiple advantages, so it is important to decide which is the most important factors for your living areas and high functioning spaces.

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The inspiration and some helpful reference material for wood flooring came from Taunton’s Home Remodeling – Editors of Fine Homebuilding.