Professional Home Improvement Services in Oakland, CA

Professional Services come from specialized people and companies. You don't want to hire a handyman to work on a very specialized project in your home. There are some home improvement projects you should not even DIY because of safety standards, building codes or because you simply don't have the technical knowledge.

One specialized service like Home Automation, will not require extensive remodeling to your home, this service will outfit your home with updated technology to give you the owner access and power to many features in your home with just a push of a button and even control by using your smart phone.

One type of professional that you may need to seek out could be an Architect, and an architect does more than just draw the plans for your future home or new additions to your current home. They work for you, and they can negotiate a reduction of construction cost, building materials and work with your general contractor to fully optimize the work force on the overall construction site. You may be also in need of a Draftsmen. This specialist works on drawing plans, blueprints, or electrical wiring plans for a specific structures that you desire to build. If your planning to build a new home, a general contractor would be the top specialist on your list. A general contractor would be the person or company who would be responsible and in charge of the entire construction of a home. They will provide the labor, materials and also the equipment that will be needed to start and finish the construction process. Following this you would need a structural engineer, they have the responsibility to inspects the foundation, infrastructure, curtain wall, insulation and the building envelope on a construction site. With careful inspection, they will compare the approved building plans and make sure the foundation and building meets the architectural drawings that were provided. They will also provide official approval for specify stages of the development of your home.

When you make a request for a quote, we will line up, up to 3 specialists in Oakland, CA area who will get in touch with you to provide an estimate. Since we get most of the information from you during your one quote request, you don't have to repeat yourself multiple times like you would if you called multiple yellowpage listings.

The specialist who will talk to you will know what's your project and what you are trying accomplish. Contact us today!