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A sunroom can completely change the atmosphere of a home, it is like inviting the garden and sky in. It provides a wonderful space to enjoy the sky, clouds, or meditate. It’s a place that you can control the temperature if you want too, or just soak up the warmth of direct sunlight. You can brighten a dark interior by adding a sunroom which can increase the overall appeal of your home and increase its value. The beauty of a home addition is you get a new home feel just by reinventing what’s already there. The bargain is you get to keep the neighborhood, people, and location that are so much a part of what you call home.|The advantage of adding a sunroom is you get a new home feel just by reinventing what you already have. A plus is you get to keep the same neighborhood, amenities, staying near people you know, which is so much a part of what you call home. A sunroom changes the atmosphere of your living area, it is like bringing the outside in. It provides a wonderful area to appreciate the clouds, sky, or the feel of being outside. You have the option to control the temperature if necessary, or just soak up the warmth of direct sunlight. A sunroom will brighten a dark interior which will increase the overall appeal of your home and increase its value.

There are many considerations to think through if you are planning to add a sunroom to your home.

A sunroom addition is similar to adding a new room practically in every aspect; you must be in compliance with local codes and ordinances. A sunroom expands, or bumps out from, the homes original foundation and has all of the construction elements of an indoor space. When constructing a bump out or extension, you are free to choose the dimensions, lighting, and exterior features.

So what is a bumpout? This is a term used in reference to remodeling and is generally casual or nonspecific. Most often a bumpout is a small, framed projection of one room wall outputs to expand interior space. Normally a bumpout requires a new roof and foundation, it is technically an addition, even if the owner is not adding a full room. If it is decided not to install HVAC systems or plumbing it can be completed on a low budget. The decision that faces the owner is whether to construct a smaller, simpler bumpout or a full scale room addition. The owner must factor in the amount of space they desire for the function of the sunroom, and the practical budget restrictions, local codes, and property lines.

Whether an extension, a bumpout, or an open patio/deck is being added they will require some of these basics: A foundation and insulated floor, walls, and roof, plus electrical and heating/cooling systems as indoor preferences if desired.

A sunroom addition will have an impact on both the interior and exterior architecture of a home. It should be thoughtfully designed so it will improve the quality and function of adjacent rooms.

The first critical consideration in planning a sunroom is the placement of the room because it is normally about allowing in sun light. The options for its location are affected by lot size and local zoning laws, so consult with your city office before beginning any work.

Deciding whether to attempt a DIY sunroom or patio/deck is a big decision. You can get complete kits or contract it out. Before making that decision check all your options: Employ a professional crew to install a manufactured sunroom. Purchase a custom designed room for your space. If you have the right location and sun exposure, an existing room can be turned into a sunroom by installing lots of windows or add an entry door. If you have a roofed porch that can be converted you can save space and money by converting it into a sunroom. Consult with local building professionals and other expert sources for more advice that is specific to your project particularly regarding zoning restrictions. Another resource is product manufacturers, companies that specialize in sunroom design and construction. Pictures can inspire your imagination or simplify your choices.

Construction options: There are different methods for building a new sunroom. The easiest and simplest option for busy folks is to contract the installation or construction to a professional builder or firm that specializes in this type of addition. You can choose between professionals who specialize in custom projects and work directly with the manufacturers to install prefabricated modular rooms. Some contractors will complete both custom and prefab work. If you prefer the DIY option you can build the sunroom using a kit set, which can save you a lot of money but possibly add to your stress. A sunroom kit should be made with insulated (double-pane) windows, for all year round use during colder season.

Custom sunrooms: The ultimate in design options is a custom built sunroom as it achieves architectural continuity. The extension looks and feels like a part of your original home. This is not the cheapest method but will add value to your home. Custom sunrooms are generally built like standard room additions including insulated walls and roof. The exterior finish can be the same as your house siding, or a different material can used that complements the façade’s decorative scheme.

The floor of a sunroom can be simple such as pouring a new insulated concrete slab. This can be polished, or covered with other flooring materials. In general you can decide on any type of flooring that is used in a standard wood frame structure.

If a high quality sunroom is your goal then consider contacting a few local contractors, those who specialize in sunrooms or additions at ContractorEasy Oakland, CA. Ask for references and check out the quality of their work by chatting with home owners about their experiences with these contractors. If you are considering a complex plan, then consider hiring an architect or a qualified designer to help with the design process. Most architects will consider being retained to act as a project manager or to oversee the construction phase of the job. Oakland, CA.