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Are you worried about a damaged window in your home? Or maybe looking into how much it would cost and benefit you if you replaced most of the windows in your home? Their are many important facts to consider.

A rough way to calculate if your windows are in need of replacement is by how old your home is and by checking if your windows are operating correctly. After 15 years, it’s vital that windows are in proper working condition, for fire safety concern, energy efficiency, cleaning and noise reduction.

An exceptional piece of artwork, expensive furniture, piano and especially rugs are not left untouched from the suns harmful uv rays that can cause fading and damage. For these rooms specialized glass windows/doors can be installed to help reduce sun exposure and extend the lifespan of your home's treasures.

The summer and winter months are times when extreme temperature changes produce substantial energy savings in a well insulated home, or the opposite is true, it can bring extremely high energy costs in a home that has inefficient windows and doors. If the weather outside is seeping into your home, you have a serious window/door problem. Windows and doors that are old and worn will not protect your home from the temperature outside, it will leak. Glass may be loose or the seal and frame may be outworn. You may need to replace these windows with dual-pane glass to promote more energy savings.

It may not seem important if you don’t open and close windows often in your home. However when it comes to fire safety, it’s crucial that all windows are easy to open, close and lock as well. Family members like elderly and children need to be able to access a window when in danger of fire or other emergency. So if a window gets stuck when trying to open or close it, or it simply will not open, that is a cue that the window is not functioning and will need to be replaced.

If you live near a busy highway, school, busy intersection or even an airport, noise pollution can be a common problem for you and your family. Old windows will not provide shelter and bring quietness to the interior of your home; however laminated glass or dual-pane windows and doors will greatly reduce the exterior noise seeping into your home.

So, go ahead and give us some basic information about your new window need/project, we will line up the best of our window contractors in Oakland, CA for your job to give you 2-3 free estimates. Its Easy and Free!