Top Rated Decorators and Designers in Portland, OR

Designer and decorators are project managers who have a flair for color, spatial arrangements, architecture and textiles. They will also coordinates and manages your design project in a multifaceted professional manner. This is often including conceptual development, communicating with the builders, and the management and execution of the desired design and changes on your home.

There are some important differences between the job titles of Interior Decorators, Interior Space Planners and of course Landscape Designers. Most decorators and space planners focus more on choosing colors, fabrics, appropriate matching furniture and have a good sense for bringing a home into the latest styles, fashion and making the most of your space with your own unique sense of style. Likewise a landscape designer will do the same for your outdoor living space, putting their knowledge of plants and design skills to bring the best out of the outdoor living areas around your home. Finally, interior designers have a more advance understanding of interior spaces and will work with a home to make sure its not only a beautiful and stylish living space, but its also staying abreast of building codes, laws and architectural requirements. If your wanting to pull down walls and make serious architectural adjustments to you home, its would be wise to consult a certified Interior Designer.

The good news is, though it's beneficial and may be fun to learn about interior design and attempt to DIY your ideas, chances are you would not try to make structural changes all by yourself. This is where our prescreened and qualified Portland interior designers can really help you. You can request for a quote by filling in some basic info on this page and we will line up several of our Designers to give you estimates and recommendations. There is no obligation when you request a quotation and it will cost you nothing. You will get estimates, then you can seek clarification, then with all the information in your hand you decide the next step. It's Easy!