Flooring and Carpeting Contractors in Portland, OR

Flooring replacement or repair is essential at a certain period in the life span of your home. High traffic areas, children or pet damage can make sections of our home in dire need of replacement or essential re-carpeting, re-sanding or tiling. Beautiful flooring or new carpeting adds value to your home and adds to quality of life to your family’s needs and health.

CARPETS : Very damaged and aged carpets can have a host of unwanted infestations that may bring irritations to family members and simply cannot be treated by harsh chemicals any longer. Over time as the carpet wears out, it breaks down and matting occurs. Depending on the quality of the carpet, the traffic patterns and staining on the carpet, it’s estimated that you replace your carpets every 15 years.

HARDWOOD : Old damaged hardwood flooring in a home can often be salvaged by skilled contractors who know how to restore and refinish the hardwood floorboards. It's possible to have floorboard's replaced, patch up damaged sections, holes plugged and add a new stain. However, restoring hardwood floor won't make it look brand new, but certainly improve the look.

TILES : Ceramic tiles can be cleaned and restored with specifically formulated acidic cleaner. You can have a professional grout cleaning company to clean your tiles to have them looking near new. You can also easily replace chipped tiles in your home with new tiles, providing you have a matching color. Most often a families top priority is to the re-tile the kitchen and bathrooms with more up to date flooring rather than patching it up.

Selecting what’s right for your home is a simple process of planning and practicality. Your own personal taste can be different for bedrooms to the kitchen. Make your floor surface choice with these things in mind: You want beautiful hardwearing flooring that will give you a long-term satisfaction in your home from years to come. How much traffic each room receives, Children and Pets are a key factor in decision making, they are effectively more likely to cause accidental damages to flooring. Will the floor be exposed to moisture on a regular basis is also an important questions and how often are you willing to have the floor cleaned professionally. The flooring in the kitchen needs to be easy to clean and durable. Popular choices are ceramic tile, which comes in many colorful choices and is durable. Wood flooring in a kitchen is also become very fashionable, and it will be treated with a protective finish to protect from moister, and finally linoleum, which is the most inexpensive flooring choice.

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