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Are you in need of a carport, or are you looking at your garage and thinking about making some changes or maybe upgrading the door, or your even just tired of the unreliable noisy motor belt. Quite often a family garage will often be the "go to" space for storing those extra things like unwanted household items, garden tools, sports gear, shoes and more often than we like to admit, even some junk. The garage can transform very quickly into a simple mess! And the reality is, it can happen to any garage, big or small. Often it gets so bad, their is simple no more space to park the car or truck and so a vehicle has to be parked outside and often susceptible to accelerated weather damage and even possible burglary and vandalism. If your ready for a transformation in your garage, its time for some change and maybe a little hard work! However you wont regret it!

The process of building a new garage or remodeling an older one is a unique opportunity to re-look at your space available and be creative and efficient on how to make use of this space for your families needs. From spacing saving storage ideas, attractive flooring and custom made compartments, you can turn the garage space into a versatile room not just for cars or bikes. It wont just be for your vehicles, the whole family could use the space safely and have room for hobbies that you never had space for. A single upgrade like polished floors or specialized floor mats could transform the look of a garage and display motorbikes attractively. Adding onto that having tools and equipment tucked away in shelving or cabinets makes the garage a lot more tidy and a real attractive extension of your home.

A way to get started is to investigate and get quotes for the remodeling goals that you have in mind. Get your wish-list, storage ideas, floor plan and budget onto paper and come up with a time frame for your project. Getting multiple quotes for your project is always best, so you can compare and make a decision on what is the best for your needs, budget and time frame. We are the right place to help you with that!

If you are looking for a multipurpose room, where you can share the space with kids, adult activities, vehicles and hobbies. You will need to plan for a total remodel of floors, storage space and safety features on the access door. The first thing to begin doing, even before requesting quotes is to ask yourself how much storage you need and how much of your un-wanted stuff can you sell, giveaway and throw out. Depending on how large your garage is and what your budget is like; skies the limit as to what you can achieve. Most garage spaces are unique to every family, and every family has their priority on what the garage is used for. Some families its storage, some its for motorbikes, cars and tools, and other families its a space they want to use for multiple needs but simply can't due to space limitations. If your serious about re-vamping your garage, your priorities might have to change to suit what is best for the space you have available. A smaller garage just may not be suitable for ground storage, but will be excellent for overhead storage. So talk to a expert garage remodeling contractor to get the best advice possible for making the most of your space and budget.

To help you get started on your garage upgrades, even if they are simple or complex, contact us for FREE and EASY quotes from our trusted Portland, OR garage companies. They are specialized in transforming garages and those 2-3 competitive quotes will help you make the right choice for your budget and needs.