Swimming Pools in Portland, OR

There are multiple factors to consider before starting the process of designing and planning your new pool. Finding the right pool builder in your local area is key. You need experienced and insured professional pool developers to look at your yard and project accurately the cost and best materials for your new pool. You can decide immediately if you want a custom made pool, to fit your taste, unique landscape or yard size. Or you can decide to go with a Pre-Designed Pool where most of the design work is done for you, however you still get to choose a few features and color schemes to fit your taste. Today you can also find many Pool Design companies that can offer you a 3D rendering of your back yard with your choice of pool design, so you can see your pool come to life digitally before even any work has began.

When selecting your pool some important things to consider is the size of your yard; will it be appropriate for the pool size, design and depth that you hope to have. People often also forget they must allow room for construction equipment to start and finish the excavation. Your Pool builder will also be able to tell you if there may be extra costs due to the geographic area of your home. It would be good to research ahead of time details like is a Chlorine or Salt water pool better for you and your family, what filters would work best for your pool, the cleaning system and pump your pool would work best with and all these important details can be discussed with your experienced Pool designer. Asking these questions and planning ahead will give you an estimate maintenance cost of running your pools in the years to come. This can then help you choose how big or small your pool needs to be to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Before any construction begins, if this applies to your location, you will need to gain approval in advance from your neighborhood Home Owners Association and or adhere to your local city building code pool regulations. Most cities and planned neighborhoods have strict limitations and rules regarding building a new pool in your back yard. You may also need to submit the design to get an approval signed before any work commences. Keep in mind you may also have added cost with any new fencing structure added for privacy.

Here are a few tips to help keep your new swimming pool, project going smoothly. Get everything in writing from your contractor; keep good records of all changes and adjustments. Take photos of all work progress, have a set completion date and keep in touch with their office to make sure everything is going smoothly. Before work begins also find out if their insurance will cover any damages made to neighbor’s property during construction.

The whole building process can be an exciting project for the whole family to be involved with and see come to life. You don't have to fear, you can have that peace of mind when choosing the right builder for your pool. At Contractor Easy we are here to provide you with a professionals to come assess your pool dreams and discuss your plans for the new project. Contact us for comprehensive quotes from pool builders that are reputable and licensed professionals in Portland, OR. Not only are our quotes FREE; our database of pool companies are rated and trusted by many other families across America. You can choose between 2-3 pool builders at no cost to you! Lets get started!