Licensed Basement Water Proofing Contractors in Virginia Beach, VA

More than pests, moisture in basements could be the biggest issue you will face. Moisture can systematically destroy your hard work and worse even cause you to get sick. There are two sources for moisture, the condensation and seepage. Condensation can come from outside air, poorly ventilated appliances, damp walls and often water released from the concrete. The sources for seepage often could be cracks on the foundation and since masonry has a porous surface, the water could penetrate through this. If water is seeping through masonry, usually this is caused by poor drainage setup outside and even water from the roof directly falling on the masonry because of ineffective gutter installation.

If you often find your basement has some mildew order, damp walls and see peeling paint, rotting wood closer to the floor, you may have a moisture issue. Also, you will find bottom of some appliance rusting, visible condensation of on windows and pipes.

You can try to fix some seepages by identifying and applying corrective solution. For example: if you find a crack where the water is seeping or could seep, you can buy some hydraulic compound and apply to this crack. This compound will harden when water touches it. However, any action you take may end up being a temporary solution, so trying to find a professional who specializes on installing basement drainage channels would be a better approach. The contractor will if necessary install drainage channels around the foundation's perimeter and the water is drained to further part of the yard or to a rain water drainage system. Also, if requires the guy will apply water proofing paint coating on the outside of masonry, which he/she suspects also contributing the condensation issue. For some serious drainage solution, the contractor will also direct the drainage pipes to collect the water in a pit then use an electric sump pump to eject the water to external or city drain source. The pump will automatically activate when there is some water in the pit.

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