Top Rated Home Automation Companies in Virginia Beach, VA

A company that specializes in home automaton can equip and outfit your home and business with the latest technology to provide you easy, safe and secure accessibility to it. With control at your fingers, you can use a smart phone or remote control to manage many features in your home. Basic home automation equipment can start with remote controlling and managing the blinds, lighting, temperature, gates, sprinklers and windows. Then more complicated systems of home automation can outfit and equip your home with features like voice recognition, pressure and heat sensors to secure specific sections of your home.

Advance security systems are one of the most popular home automations upgrades done in a home. Surveillance cameras are now no longer only available for banks or multi million dollar homes, they are readily available to any home owner interested in keeping a careful eye on their property and incorporate it into their automated security system. On top of this, the security system will give complete control of doors and windows to the home owner, therefor giving them power to lock and unlock windows and doors remotely and at their convenience. Advanced security systems will also automatically alert police for break-ins or contact the fire department when smoke alarms are activated.

Another popular and very tech savvy home automation system is the learning/smart thermostat. These thermostats can be managed and controlled by a dial and a smartphone app. This system learns your family schedule and unique temperature settings. Its a system that adjusts itself from the information it has learned from a families heating/cooling preferences. It is estimated that with this automated system, you would be saving up to 20% in heating and cooling costs.

In conclusion, there are many more features in your home that can be automated, like sprinklers, gates, garage doors, pool temperatures and indoor and outdoor lighting. If you are excited to get started with some home automation upgrades in your home, we have prescreened licensed specialists registered with us in the Virginia Beach, VA area, and upon your request would be able to provide you either ballpark estimates or detailed estimates for your project. Our specialists are rated and pre-screened, so call us now for no obligation quotes. Even if you have the tightest budget for your new automation project, we know Free quotes are always welcome! Contact us today! Its Easy!