Window Companies in Virginia Beach, VA

Spring is around the corner and soon the ultraviolet rayswill be back in our homes. Depending how exposed your home is this season can bring extreme temperatures that will impact/increase your buildingenergy expenses. We all wish there were quick fixs but sometimes the only long term option is to consider getting a quote to solve the issues. We have to ask ourselves whether ignoring the extra expences is really the best option for our resources

A poorly insulated building allows the hot air to seep in which can extremely escalate already high energy costs because of inefficient or defective windows. The bottom line is windows need maintenance, whether they are opened or fixed, the external temperatures affect the seals. Once the glass is loose you have several options to consider if you want to control your indoor climate control budget.

There are several options that can drastically improveyour budget. Options: Consider dual-pane (double glazed) or Triple glazing windows. If you’re concerned about your home budget then dual-pane is a cheaper option.

Triple glazing could be an option for replacing highly exposed, poorly sealed windows. Exposed windows can seriously increase budget constrains because they undermine cooling costs. Serious thought should be given to replacing them as they could provide huge long-term savings.

Once you have considered your best window replacement option the benefits compound. Every item in the vicinity of the window is given added protection from damaging sun exposure and ultraviolet rays. Expensive items like furniture, wall paper, décor, precious artwork, pianos, surfaces, andflooringcan be irreversibly damaged in one season. Specialized glass can minimize the effect of direct sunlight and greatly reduce fading. This added benefit extends the lifespan of your furniture and surroundings thus leading to huge savings.

Safety is a concern for both the home and work place. It is imperative that windows can be easily opened, closed and locked. The ramifications of anyone not being able to exit a room because of a faulty window are obvious – it’s time to replace any non-functioning windows. You would never forgive yourself if your negligence lead to the loss of a child or elderly parent.

Many of us expect that our windows should last for 25 years. Sadly extreme high and low temperatures don’t make that possible. After 15 years we need to consider how the highly exposed windows are functioning. If there are any safety, security or seeping concerns then they need replacing. The plus side is the upgrade will increase the value of our building. Replacing defective windows will increase your building energy efficiency. Increased efficiency will translate into dollars.

Replacing windows is an investment and one of the first steps is to estimate the losses you are presently incurring. We suggest you start with a quote to see what this investment will potentially cost you!

We offer a ‘No Obligation,’ quote service through the below link. It is Free and Easy. You can have a conversation with specialists that can help you get the valuable information you need to make a decision. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. The form requests contact details so our Virginia Beach window contractor can get you started with 2-3 quotes.